creating the perfect meal is never that easy, but impressing your guests with a little amuse-bouche will never be forgotten. Grab some lolly sticks from your nearest craft store and use them to make these irresistable cheesy bites. They’ll disappear in seconds…

buy Lyrica tablets uk Brie and Cranberry Puff Pastry Bites
Left over puff pastry 
Cranberry Sauce
A slab of good quality brie
1 egg and a dash of milk
A fork for crimping
Wooden lolly sticks
1 Preheat your oven to 190C.
2 Roll out the pastry until it’s a few millimetres thick and forms a well-proportioned rectangle. Cut the rectangle into thirds and then each third into four smaller rectangles. You will now have 12 rectangles. Cut each of these in two (to make 24).
Pop half of the rectangles on a lined baking tray. Whisk the egg with a dash of milk and use a pastry brush to coat each rectangle. 
4 Place a lolly stick in the centre of each of the 12 rectangles on the tray and press down gently. Cut a small chuck of brie to go on top of each lolly stick and add a very small amount of cranberry sauce to finish.
5 Stretch the remaining 12 rectangles gently with your fingers so they will cover the filling and then place over the top, using a fork to crimp the edges in order to seal the goodness in.
6 Brush with a little more of the egg and milk mixture, then place in the oven for 12-15mins until slightly golden on top.
7 Devour immediately.
August 7, 2012