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This Is How We Roll: a collection of cinnamon roll recipes for breakfast + brunch

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you – I wrote an e-book! It’s called Seroquel from india This Is How We Roll: a collection of cinnamon roll recipes for breakfast + brunch, and it’s out at 9am on Monday 23rd August! This was something I set out to do at the beginning of the year, after my “Waitrose-esque” (in the words of Nat from Wilbur & Wolf) image of braided cinnamon buns blew up on Instagram. It got a grand total of 387 likes, 83 comments and reached over 4,000 accounts. I subsequently had a flurry of messages asking how to make these, what braiding technique I’d used and generally that they were downright gorgeous!

I’ve always had big dreams of publishing a cookbook – at some point, this will become a reality – however, decided that the most accessible way to bring these amazing pillowy cinni rolls to you was in the form of an e-book via my site. This 76-page e-book is designed to empower you to get creative in the kitchen and make the best cinni rolls of your life!

So, what does it cover?

  • Life-changing cinnamon roll secrets – never have stodgy buns again!
  • The answers to all your questions – from what type of flour and yeast to use, to proofing, freezing and storing.
  • Four step-by-step techniques so you can braid the most beautiful buns!
  • How to make the best icing. Like the best, you guys!
  • Vegan recipes + alternatives
  • Three unique bonus recipes including kanelbullar and morning buns {my friends go crazy for these, so you should too!} AND
  • The ingredients and brands I love and recommend so you can make the most amazing cinnamon rolls of your life!

What makes it so special?

  • You don’t need a heavy-duty stand mixer for the dough – you can knead everything by hand
  • It’s designed so you can mix and match dough recipes with different fillings and icings to make a roll that’s uniquely yours!
  • It has easy-to-follow step-by-step photos
  • It includes exact dimensions for rolling your dough, cutting to size and shaping
  • You can make them in one go {let’s be honest, who’d want to wait?} BUT I include information for how to proof them overnight
  • It includes a full breakdown of ingredients and alternatives {and icing recipes that aren’t too sweet!}

If you want to make your own fluffy, pillowy cinnamon rolls at home, this book is for you! I hope you’ll love it as much as I loved making it.

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Duderstadt Props in photo:
Small jug by Leach Pottery from Object Story, Jessica Joslin plates, Cloth House linen and Wilbur & Wolf’s vintage cutlery.

This Is How We Roll: a collection of cinnamon roll recipes for breakfast + brunch
September 1, 2021