une surprise pour une jolie fille, une amie belge qui a 26 ans. I wanted to send something special to my wonderful friend who had moved to Australia for a short period of time and has been deprived of homemade goodies. Sent with a card from London, I was slightly worried border control might decide these were just too good to be allowed into the country. Luckily they made it in the end, but it would not be difficult to find the chocolatey culprit if they hadn’t!
My favourite recipe can be found here online. To make the final layer as pretty as possible, pipe white chocolate lines either diagonally or horizontally across your dark chocolate and use a cocktail stick to draw lines in the opposite direction. 
At work, I was told my new office job was to finish my workload in the morning so that I could bake treats as good as these in the afternoon…
June 1, 2014