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Gingerbread Houses

A white box filled with iced gingerbread houses on a wooden table. Festive christmas foliage surrounds the scene and more gingerbread houses are scattered on the table. Someone is reaching in with a green satin ribbon to tie up the box.

The cutest addition to any festive table has to be these Gingerbread Houses. Made with Lyle’s Golden Syrup, they’ve got the perfect balance of sharp snap to the exterior, with a soft chewy interior. They’re so simple to make that they’re ideal as a Christmas activity to make with kids, as a quick-fix for a…

  • Marshmallow Cookie Pie

    December 4, 2023

    There’s no showstopper quite like this Marshmallow Cookie Pie. With a gooey, chewy marshmallow and crunchy hazelnut chocolate filling, all encased in chocolate chip…

  • Tin Foil S’mores

    October 30, 2023
    A tin foil box filled with marshmallows, stroopwafels, chocolate and biscuits sits on a wire grate on top of a fire pit.

    These Tin Foil S’mores are the perfect, nostalgic dessert for cold nights. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Bonfire Night treat, a delicious medley…

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

    October 25, 2023
    A pumpkin spice latte round cake sits on a wooden plate, with crushed biscuit and coffee beans on top. Two hands are around the cake as if to put it on the table. Ingredients and small pumpkins are scattered around it.

    Turn your favourite Autumnal drink into this Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake! The soft, springy sponge is made with 100% natural puréed pumpkin, homemade pumpkin…

  • Marshmallow Halloween Bats

    October 9, 2023
    Chocolate covered marshmallow bats with Oreo halves for wings and edible eyes sit on a dark grey fringed napkin against a light grey backdrop.

    These Marshmallow Halloween Bats are the perfect Halloween no-bake activity, and consequently a wonderful thing to make with the whole family this October! They’re…

  • Home Studio Guide

    August 31, 2023
    A burnt orange backdrop with cabagges and oranges on. A person is placing half an orange onto the table.

    This Home Studio Guide is a no-nonsense guide on how to craft a home studio that works for you. As with my Food Photography…