About me

Hey, I’m Charlotte! I’m a self-taught baker, writer, and food photographer, and creator of a cup of tea and cake. I was born in London and love exploring the capital’s ridiculously good food scene, as well as baking treats that are both pretty and easy to tackle.

I’m big on healthy eating and moving your body, but believe that you should be kind to yourself in the process – and that’s why I started my blog! Everything in moderation. I wanted it to be a reminder that it’s ok to treat yourself now and then. Plus the fact that my Grandma’s mantra was always “a meal isn’t a meal without a pudding” and I 100% agree with her. 

I take inspiration from baking and cookbooks, restaurants, my travels, my heritage and a desire to create something from nothing with my bare hands. I believe in laughing out loud, really chocolatey chocolate chip cookies, and above all – discovering the magic of sharing great food, recipes and a sweet treat with loved ones. Because these are the moments conversations are shared, and memories are made. 

Drop me a DM on Instagram if you’d like to work together. I hope you feel at home in my kitchen. So, are you comfy? Have you got a cup of tea? Ok, let’s get baking {and chatting}.

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Charlotte Avent: baker, stylist & photographer of a cup of tea and cake