Work with me

There are several ways we can work together, and I’d love to hear what you’re after! From creating beautifully styled food stories with carefully curated imagery, to high quality videography, recipe development and social media amplification, there’s so much we can do to make your brand stand out.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together, and how I can support your brand, then please get in touch.


Work with me: Doves Farm logo in a teal colour with a bird
Work with me: Food Thoughts logo in brown colour
Work with me: California Walnuts logo - a brown walnut shaped image with a yellow outline and a sun with California Walnuts written across the middle
Work with me: An orange maple leaf with maple from Quebec written across it
Red background with Nestlé Carnation logo on it
Work with me: Blue Bacofoil logo
Epic Snax logo
Mr Filbert's logo with a cartoon man on the left hand side and Really Interesting Snacks written underneath
Ta-Da! Baking logo in red
Work with me: Robert Welch logo in black
Work with me: A blue palm tree with The Coconut Collaborative written on it and a man and a woman picking coconuts from it
Tarantella Organic logo on a red background
Mallow and Marsh
Blue Camp Coffee logo
A purple circle with a teal coloured tea caddie and Babington's Est. 1893 written across the middle
Baking Mad
Tala Cooking
Spoon Cereals