christmas is the ideal season to make an indulgent rocky road, either to give away as a gift to those you love or as a small chocolatey treat on those cold winter evenings. This recipe is from our one and only domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. Just make sure you don’t let anyone allergic to nuts near these (or omit the nuts and replace with something else!). 
See how Nigella works her magic here (with a few personal alterations of my own!), then cut into perfect bite-size squares…

Christmas Rocky Road
250dark chocolate
150milk chocolate
175g soft butter 
4tbsp golden syrup
200rich tea biscuits
150brazil nuts (shelled)
150dried cranberries125mini marshmallows (pink and white)
1tbsp icing sugar
sprinkling of edible glitter
1. Chop all of the chocolate into small pieces and put into a heavy-based saucepan to melt with the butter and syrup over a gentle heat.
2. Put the biscuits into a freezer bag and bash them with a rolling pin to get big- and little-sized crumbs; you want some pieces to crunch and some sandy rubble.
3. You can either then put the Brazil nuts into another freezer bag and also bash them so you get different-sized nut rubble or chop them roughly with a sharp knife. I did the latter so I got bigger chunks!
4. Take the pan off the heat and add the crushed biscuits, plus the nuts, dried cranberries and mini-marshmallows. Turn carefully to coat everything with syrupy chocolate.
5. Tip into a square tray (a brownie tin will work; the removable bottom will help and make sure you have lined it with baking parchment), smoothing the top as best you can, although it will look bumpy.
6. Refrigerate until firm enough to cut, which will take about 2hrs. Then take the set block of rocky road out of the tray ready to cut.
7. Push the icing sugar through a small sieve to dust the top of the Rocky Road. Then, if you like, add a sprinkling of edible glitter for some festive sparkle.
8. With the long side in front of you, cut into it 6 slices down and 4 across, so that you have 24 almost-squares (or use a square cutter). 
Make the Rocky Road and refrigerate to set. Don’t add the icing sugar yet, but cut into bars, then store in an airtight container in a cool place for up to 1 week. Decorate with icing sugar and edible glitter about 1–2 hours before serving.
Make the Rocky Road as above and freeze for up to 1 month. Thaw overnight in a cool place. Decorate as above.
January 6, 2013
January 6, 2013



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